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Actual information, updated January 17, 2023

Moving in my new Home with a new studio

2021: "Love when I fall (in Love)"
This was written last year to get over my seperation and my divorce. Hope you get an impression of the feelings...
Always in my head
2019: "Always in my head"
A Christmas greeting for all the lovely people out there. It's a guitar-instumental that I've head in my mind since the 90's. That explains the title. It's just 2 minutes short. Enjoy!
Always in my head
2019: "Liab Schaugn"
Bavarian Slang Lyrics: singing about careless people all around. They can set up a nice smile, but if it couts they turn around.
2018: "Take it easy"
Southern Rock, originally written in 1989 but never recorded. Talking about Juppies at that time. Now we would call them Hipster...
2018: "I can't stand it"
Rock Ballad, originally written in 1989 but never recorded. Talking about someone who's feelings for you are getting too strong for you. With the additional help from guitaris Nick.
Liab Schaugn Video
2018: "Just don't understand it"
Pop Ballad: About falling in love and not understanding what's happening.
Permanent members
Who's helping to get the songs in shape:
Andi - Keyboards and Vocals
Friend since School days and founding member of HogWeed.
Thomas - Vocals and all other instruments
Founding member of HogWeed and author.
Help wanted! - any instrument or vocals
If you like to joyn, contact us!
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